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Delos - Mykonos

09:00     Delos: 3 hours - Mykonos: 3 hours & 15 min.
Adult 80,00 € Child (3-13) 40,50 €
Every Monday, Wednesday & Sunday
Departure from Naxos 09:00 - Arrival at Delos 10:30
Departure from Delos 13:15 - Arrival at Mykonos 13:30
Departure from Mykonos 17:00 - Arrival at Naxos 18:50

Admire the granite birthplace of Apollon. It is an island with unique archaelogical sights which reveal a history of 3000 years. During your stay, you can see, among others, the sanctuary of Apollon, the “pombiki stoa of the lions” (the place where ancient Greeks used to have their parades), the theatre, the “stoa”, the ancient House of the Naxians, Lito’s temple and the remarkable exhibits of the local museum. Mykonos is the very well-known and cosmopolitan island with typical Cycladic architecture. During your stay, you can get to know all those, which made the island so famous. Walk through the picturesque narrow paved streets from the beautiful windmills to “Small Venice”. Also, make sure you visit the fascinating museums of the island. The magnificent beaches of Mykonos are famous for their golden sand and the blue crystal clear waters.

Duration of stay in Delos: 3 hours
Duration of stay in Mykonos: 3 hours and 15 min.
(The cost to the entrance of Delos is €12 per person and it’s not included in the price).
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